Sharlize Koertzen

I was a full time hairdressing student at Complete School of Hairdressing.  And from day one that I walked in I felt at home as the entire team is your second family away from home.  They are warm, caring, and compassionate.  They have a passion for what they do, and they helped me find my passion for hair.  They are always willing to go the extra mile and cheer you on as you go.  I absolutely loved every second at college and would recommend going to this college if you want to reach the sky.    Work hard, play hard, and at the end you will receive great results.  Stick with them and they will make you famous. 

Zahne Becker

CSH played an essential part in helping me build a solid foundation in preparation for stepping into the industry.  I thank all the lecturers who equipped us with the necessary skills and knowledge.  I am proud and grateful to be a representative of this college. 

Tiffany Kirkwood

My name is Tiffany Kirkwood, I am currently a junior stylist at the Gary Rom Constantia branch, in the City of Cape Town.  I started my hairdressing career 3 years ago when I enrolled at The Complete School of Hairdressing, Beauty and Makeup.  That is where I found my passion, meeting the best lecturer Miss Claudette Botha and the team.  I did not know what would come out of this, but I went with it anyway, because sometimes you must take that little step of faith.  When I started studying it felt like taking a step into my future, due to the passion the school had for what they do.  I have not only got and education through them, but I have also built lifetime friendships.  Miss B was not only a lecturer but an amazing mentor and always held your hand every step of the way.  If I had to go back in time and choose a school to study all over again, I would have chosen the same one.  You receive one on one attention and your skills are challenged which is what is needed in this industry, and in life for that matter.  Thank you so much for the great opportunities you have provided me with as well as the growth that comes from it.  I will always keep you in my heart wherever I go.  May God be with you all. 

Carien Botha

Ek onthou die dag toe ek gaan inskryf het by CSH soos gister.  Ek het ingestap by die deur en dit het gevoel of ek is waar ek nog altyd moes wees!  Ek het ‘n familie Ryker geword!  Ek is so dankbaar vir alles wat ek geleer het, en nie net hoe om hare te doen nie, maar ek het soveel van myself geleer!  Mens wil elke dag terug gaan klas toe, jy WIL tyd daar spandeer, jy WIL leer, jy WIL jouself elke dag verbeter!  Ek is so dankbaar vir my tyd by CSH.  Ek sal dit viraltyd koester. 

Lauren Ferreira

I had an amazing experience at Complete School, the kindness that was shown by everyone is something I deeply appreciate.  It is a huge honour to say I have achieved my dreams through them, they have helped me in ways I cannot believe.  A very big thank you to the whole team for being an amazing and supportive team that is always ready to help. 

Gizelle Mills

I had fun doing my trade test at Complete School.  I felt comfortable doing my tasks.  The whole team was friendly and easy to talk to.